I was sorting some of my CDs after a recent move and came across a Jewel CD that includes a couple of GREAT foot shots of Jewel, it seemed to be a photoshoot centered around her feet.  I've since noticed some foot shots in the booklet for a couple of her other CDs so I think she might be something of a barefooter.  

You can see a good selection of her pictures at

Has/does anyone else have the fantasy of being the assistant or groupie of a female rock or music star who helps her feet and her relax after a concert?  :  )  Maybe Joss Stone, who at least to regularly perform barefoot, or Deanna Carter, or someone else (Joan Jett)?

Oh, and on that note you might want to check out the female hard blues/rock duo Deap Vally (their spelling), who perform barefoot, which I think you can see in some Youtube clips as well as at least one performance on Later with Jools Holland.  They have some good songs, too, though I prefer their first album to their second (with the exception of the great song Smile More).


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