As I recall with the old system we could hit an image button and could then browse our computers and easily upload an image.  It looks like under the new system we have to upload a photo to some other website, grab the URL for it there, come back here, paste in or type that URL and then maybe some other details about sizing, etc.

Is there any chance of the older, simple "browse and upload' method coming back or being added?  Or maybe we can do it now and I'm missing something?

To borrow an old, probably now outdated phrase "ain't nobody got time for that!"


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you can simply upload as usual

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Ah, okay, I think I figured it out after your message.  I was using the Image icon in the second row of the editor, which takes you to a Image Properties dialog box but gives no way to upload a new photo.  It wasn't until your message that I found the "Insert a Photo" button in the bottom left.

If you can modify it you might want to also add the Insert a Photo button onto the editor toolbar, and/or maybe colorize or somehow highlight the Insert a Photo button in the bottom left to make it stand out more.

Going to try it now....


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