We had been speaking for a long time, we had met more recently and we were about to have our first moments of true intimacy. I had thought about what it would or could be like somewhere after we started speaking and before we considered meeting. I thought she was sexy and beautiful from the first message. I came to find out that she had pictures on her profile but I don't look when I start chatting with the Specials. The more base, the more Typicals, I read their profile for research to acquire a feel for who they think they are so that I can troll their pictures looking for the one that I know they want people to appreciate. It is rarely the best breast shot or the naughtiest sex scene or even the prettiest image of their face. There is always a picture that expresses what they think they secretly are and they want others to see it and them through it without having to tell you. They also want you to know why without them having to explain it. Picture research does that. If you have the knack you can see it, but it takes more than that. You have to instinctively feel it and the research can do that, if you have that talent.

Its a talent that I find to be extremely valuable with the Typicals but completely unnecessary for the Specials. Pictures, appearances, the physical incarnation of a potential Special only serves to provide a risk that could ruin what might be special. If you see before you listen and communicatively touch then you change the object of your affections without intending to. If you speak and experience and appreciate and know the someone before you see the someone then you haven't changed it, you have fulfilled its promise and by doing so you have created a special beauty both for yourself and upon her. Creating is always better than changing or altering so if you find yourself flooding to their pictures before you entrust them with your passions and insecurities, your pleasures and pet peeves, your petty things and pithy postures, then you know its a Typical and will never be a Special.

As Special as I knew she was I am still me and me being me I am going to be as I be and thats scary you see. I am who I am - for good and for bad - and so I move as I need to move to be sure I feel safe and assured and that meant she had to be tightly secured. With her that meant that I tied her wrists to the bed posts and blindfolded her eyes with Red Satin. Her bra was black as were her panties and toes. Her legs laid free to wiggle and maneuver, not for her comfort but to allow them to contort. The first time was going to be about me, for me and for the first time I wanted to be pleased by seeing her pleasured.

I started by kissing her neck and licking her chin. I softly bit her lower lip before kissing her insistently. I kissed her slow enough and long enough for her to be able to reciprocate which pleased me. She is so soft and sweet. After we finished kissing I smelled her before I ran the back of my fingers and hand along her chest. Then I caressed the side of her left breast with my right hand and ran it along the bottom of her breast before cupping both of her breasts with both of my hands. Then I got on my knees and straddled her body as my cock and balls rested on her stomach. I kissed her left nipple and then I kissed her right nipple. Then I began to bite her lower lip again and as she tried to bite back I pinched her nipples firmly and ground them between my fingers. She gasped with surprise and I twisted them harder. She groaned slightly and I twisted them harder. Every time I felt or heard a reaction I twisted her nipples slightly harder. Once it was clear that she had learned I softly kissed her lips, rose up on my knees and put my hands on the top of the headboard and leaned into her. As I was rising over her in a dominant position that she could obviously sense and feel but only I could actually see, I ran the tip of my penis over her breasts, up past her naval and to within a centimeter of her mouth. I could feel her breathe blowing air into the slit of my tip. She was breathing heavy but I was calm. I was dripping and so I told her not to move and I wiped my pre cum on her lips. "Don't move." I wiped the tip of my dick and the bulk of my pre cum on her soft, red lips, right to left and then left to right. Then, after my tip was dry, I opened her mouth by pulling her lower lip down. I waited a moment or three, as she sat there with her mouth perky red lips open, until I sensed that she knew what was next. It pleased me to know that she knew and her lack of any reaction was an admission of submission.

That was when I grabbed her hair for leverage and slowly slid my cock between her lips. I slid the whole thing into her mouth until my balls rested on her luscious red lips. Then I slowly pulled my cock out and slid it all the way back in and I did this four or five times. Then I slid only a third of my cock in her mouth and stopped. I let my tip rest on the middle of her tongue inside her mouth. I told her to suck on my shaft like a thumb. Of course she did. Then I slid my cock slightly deeper, resting my tip before the entrance to her throat but further down her tongue and I told her to do it again. Of course she did. Then I pulled out so only the tip of my cock was in her mouth and I told her to suck me like a thumb and to lick the hole with her tongue. Of course she did and I moaned so she knew I liked it. So she knew to keep doing it. After enjoying her suckling on my tip and licking pre cum out of my cock I told her to open her mouth wide. I told her to sit up straight so she was higher on the pillows as I went from my dick dangling into her mouth to her face being parallel with my cock. I rose up on my knees, grabbed a firm grip of her long, dirty blonde, brown hair and I proceeded to fuck her mouth. Thrust after thrust I plunged my cock in and out of her mouth, sliding the knob of my cock to the end of my shaft down her tongue from the tip of it to the entrance of her throat. I could feel her mouth watering on my shaft as I watched tears flow out of her eyes and down her cheeks. Then I slowed down, got down, and I pulled her down the bed.

After pulling her legs enough that she laid flatter on the bed, resting her upper back and shoulders and head on the pillows I brought my face to hers and kissed her moist cheeks. Then I kissed her chin and gently ran my fingers around her lips. I whispered in her ear... "Good Girl." I waited a moment or three to see if I would receive a response, which I did not, and I whispered in her ear again... "What do you want?" She waited a moment, took a deep breathe, exhaled and replied "You."

I slid down between her legs and bit the inside of both of her thighs before spreading her legs open as wide as I could force them and I spanked her clit. She gasped followed by a moan each time. Then I lifted her legs over my shoulders, wrapped them around my back and proceeded to nibble her clit, twist and tug on it with my teeth and lick her pussy. As I sensed she was getting close to cumming I stopped...delayed.... told her no. She knew. I did that four times and each time she responded. Once it was clear she learned I bit her clit again, twisted it harder than before, licked her pussy faster and more aggressively, then I stopped....delayed... and said "You can cum as much as you want for the rest of the night Baby Girl." I heard the moan I wanted to hear and I proceeded to continue licking and sucking and kissing between her thighs until she came. After she came the first time I opened her legs wide, slid my dick inside her until she could feel my balls resting on her skin and I rolled my hips around in circles. I could feel her clench her thighs and pelvis, trying to grab a hold of me inside her.

We laid together like that with only breathing between us, softly kissing, feeling each others tongues on our faces and lips. I nibbled her throat and kissed her chin and when I could feel her breathing change and sense her needs I slid back down between her legs and did it again and again and again. One day I will be tougher with her, more brutal, more abusive and she won't be wearing a blindfold on that day. She will see the confident, domineering me that owns her completely and who she submits to with pleasure and pain, but for today the softer, gentler me wanted to feel safe and secure with her and among her and for that I need her softness, her delicate demeanor, and flowery scent as well as a blindfold and ropes.

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