Hello, I am new to these forums and have really enjoyed reading some of the stories that have been presented here. I thought I would give it a try as well, your comments are more than appreciated. 
Here is a short sample of what might be in store if I continue to write feet stories.
I was in a complete trance. I truly had no idea as to what I had brought upon myself. My next-door neighbor, despite being a mere 4'11 and having a very slim but athletic figure has always told me that she has feet that could make my nose fall off. I don't believe her, she's too hygienic to have feet that could really smell as bad as what she had described. According to her, whenever she takes off her shoes around her pets, they will run to an area around the house where they can't take in the smell that her feet produce. In all honesty, I would love to be reincarnated as her dog; lapping up at her feet, being towered over by a girl like her, having my sense of smell intensified so whatever scent her feet produce, it would be stronger and amplified to an amazing level. I stopped thinking about it and opened the door, where she was standing. 
The day itself was insanely hot, I could fry a steak on the bare ground outside it was that hot. What was I to do? What have I got myself into? Did her feet really smell that bad? I can't even imagine what is in store for me, I completely neglected the fact that she has a tendency to under-sell things. Her feet must have been burning within those shoes of hers. She told me that she had worn her oldest pair of sneakers, the ones that she has had for at least two years now and she had worn them without socks as well. She was going to enjoy this, we both had a mutual love for feet. The reason why she has those sneakers is because she herself, loves smelling them. She loves the intoxicating feel of when the apparently strong scent hits her nose like a train. I was just a few minutes away from being in Heaven.
I laid on the floor excited like a little boy on Christmas, about to unwrap the sweaty, smelly present that was her feet. She sat on the couch beside me and put her dirty, damp shoes on top of me and she slid them off with a vivid expression on her face. I held my breath, it was a short technique that I had developed over the time of smelling feet. The quick inhale after holding your breath for so long seems to amplify the scent of the feet, which was something that really got me as hard as concrete. My basketball shorts were already resembling a highly-pitched tent, I could barely contain myself or my excitement. The time came, shortly before I did, but I made the deep inhale. It really was horrendous. The scent, it resembled a strong, old, moldy cheese that had been sitting in a container out in the sun without any ventilation. I gagged at the scent and my overconfidence really brought me into a situation where I don't think I could handle the scent. It was nothing like what I had experienced before, not even my feet smell this bad and I play basketball for hours on end without socks. These feet, these small size 4 feet, produce the scent of something unimaginable. It was putrid, malodorous and almost sadistic in nature. She couldn't stop laughing at how much trouble I was having handling these babies, I really had to put on my A-game and toughen up. I was in the deep end here.
What do you guys think? I would really appreciate it if you gave me some criticism about what I could improve on. It's only a short story, but I will write elaborate ones depending on whether or not you guys like it. 
Have a nice day all.

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An awesome love story. Thank you so much. I have the same gay dating experience <style type="text/css">


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