Madam May

Blue-eyed, buxom redhead waiting for one choice male to award the privilege of vying with his dollars for my attention. It is paramount you understand that I do not need you and I probably won't want you. I am especially selective of my benefactors and I will refuse even a pittance of my time if I think you are undervaluing the honor of this opportunity. Let me make it explicitly clear - I know the monetary value of my time and will not entertain any offers that I deem insulting. Think you know that magic number to get my attention? We'll see. Will it be enough for me to glance your way? Probably not. And if I'm accepting of your introductory tribute? You're welcome. 

Additional photos & details available for serious inquiries only and those I consider deserving. Let's see if you can get my attention and even more so, let's see if you can keep it.

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