Hello everybody, I joined your company. I hope we will have a good time! 

What do you think of my stinky cuty size 7 feet? <3

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Nothing? No comment?

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Wow.amazing feet i have foot fetish

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Emma louise

Hi, I hope you dont mind me posting on here. I've just created an only fans account. I've always been told i have nice feet so i've created this account to show they off. 

I will be live most nights and if there is something you fancy please message me. My account link is https://onlyfans.com/emmylouise


Thanks :) speak soon 

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my studio with me and my slave!!!! ... https://yezzclips.com/store2330

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Wow you have gorgeous feet 


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She looks back to see me staring so I quickly look away. Ok as I was saying truth or dare. Sarah: truth. Me: do you like me? Sarah: of course I do. She smiles. Sarah: ok truth or dare? Me: Truth. This is where things got interesting. She stretches her legs out and she slowly starts rubbing my crotch over my jeans with her feet with a smile. Sarah: tell me the truth do you have a foot fetish? I- Sarah: you cant lie I always see you looking at my feet, ok your turn. Me: T-truth or or dare… I was studdering. She picked dare. I dare you to take off your shirt and pants leaving just your underwear. She did it without hesitation. After she’s done undressing she goes right back to rubbing my dick over my jeans. Sarah: truth or dare. I chose dare. Sarah: I dare you to lick my feet I know you want to… I then pick up one foot and start licking it right up the middle, then the sides, then all around sucking her toes and licking ever part of it. I then put it down and do the same to the other foot. After this both her feet are soaking, wet with saliva. ME: ok truth or dare. She chose dare. I dare you to give me a footjob. 

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very good

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