As the subject of this topic would suggest, I love my feet and also get complimented on them from various people. I'm a wheelchair user and have never been able to walk (Cerebral Palsy), so my feet are super soft with no trace whatsoever of hard skin. Due to my limited care hours, I'm quite isolated most of the time and one of the greatest pleasures I have is giving myself a foot massage and doing my best to keep my feet in absolutely pristine condition. My favourite time of the week is taking my trainers and socks off after my weekly gym workout - letting my bare toes feel the fresh air and smelling the scent of my efforts gives me a massive rush!

A mixture of my fetish and my disability meant I used to wear shoes and socks every single day - in my head, if I were to wear sandals, I might as well be naked LOL! It was only when I told my carers (female and male) around 18 months ago about my fetish that they convinced me to try flip-flops. Since then, I absolutely HATE wearing anything else! Being (practically) barefoot in public gives me more self-confidence than anything else I've ever done :D

Am I totally alone in thinking like this?

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