hi im miss ebony a online pro domme of 20 years.

I am 41 years old and up until about 4 months ago i hid my feet from the world, no boyfriends ever saw my feet, family always told me to put them away with looks of disgust and never wore sandals outside or walked bare foot on the beach.

I was always told my feet were ugly, nasty, to be honest i dont like them myself, except my smooth soles and the shape.

i have uk size 7 flat feet.

i have calluses on my soles that for the life of me i cannot get rid of, does anyone have any suggestions? apart from that i love my smooth, wrinkled soft soles.

i have short stumpy toes that i cannot seperate, they are thick, and curve, sometimes seem a yellow or dark colour. my dad and his granny have the exact same toes but worse.

I have been to the doctor countless of times about them and all tests for yeast and fungal nail infections always came back as negative, ive also tried various lotions and potions and had two nails removed but they grew back exactly the same.

so it seems i am stuck with these ugly feet.

A few months ago i was desperate for money and tried to sell some shoes online and posted a photo of one foot in the  shoe and the other foot out.

I gt loads of replies but from men who wanted to buy pics and clips of my feet, they loved them, so that is how my feet pic selling business began.

I personally do not like feet but in these last few months have learned that not all feet look the same, many different shapes and characteristics and that not all soles can wrinkle, its very interesting for sure.

anyway here are a few pics of my feet, im feeling nervous lol but be honest, do you think my feet are ugly?




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