I bet I'm what you'd name a foot fetishist, despite the fact that this designation is more complicated than you in all likelihood think.
Don't be scared of foot fetishists, because most of them are not perverts or deviants.

When mentioning foot fetish in public most of the time discussions about that topic create giggles and a dialogue of a guy hiding in a car to lick a girl's feet. And that guy got arrested. That's what media is telling you. But most of the time foot fetishists are regular people that subscribe to websites that offer foot fetish videos and or take part of foot parties.

Like any other sexual passion, there are many degrees of enthusiasm, and a fetish can turn extreme.

Most of us foot-lovers have regular sex like any other man, and we also care about the rest of your frame. However, keenness beneath your ankle continues. Because of the social implications of having a foot fetish, many guys don't inform their partner. It is a disgrace, without a doubt, but speaking about that could make couples nearer.

Even the limitless depths of Google cannot produce a remotely legitimate statistic at the frequency of foot obsession; the overall consensus is that it is the first or second most common fetish.





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Thanks for the very articulate post!

What can I tell. Yes it is a common fetish. I don't mind telling my relationship or lover about it. In the worst case scenario, knowing about my fetish will lead to a refusal of fulfilling my fetish with her, but in a weird way I will feel more aroused by her because I had the "guts" to tell about what turns me on and what does not. Telling my secret will have created more shared privacy between us, more intimacy. And this will be beneficial not only for how well things go during "regular" sex, but for the relationship in general. Generally, telling about my foot fetish to a girlfriend/lover will lead to a little bit of laughter and amusement, but also to experimentation from her. One of them told me that she could not stand having her feet touched before she know me, but that now she enjoyed it. Another told me she felt ashamed about her feet until she "knew" me. Oh, and also at the complete extreme of the spectrum, your potential lover/gf could have a foot fetish too. So disclosure is good in that case too. Because it leads to incredibly intense orgasms on both sides (I mean: when the two both have a foot fetish and incorporate it in their shared sex life).

Will come back later, this promises to be an interesting discussion!

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Oh and by the way, having a foot fetish is not necessarily related in any way to submission/domination. I am averse to BDSM in my sex life, and hate both domination and submission "in the real public world". And am regularly labeled "anarchist" (if it means anything... wait, could we invent a sexual fetish based on anarchism... that could be fun cool ?)

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