My feet twitched as you run your tongue along them, your wet firm tongue pushing in between my nylons, wetting each toe slow by slowly, teasing me with your tongue, then you removed my nylons, touching each toe one by one, how I longed for your cock to touch my toes, you then slid up and down me passing your cock against my toes, I can feel your cumming juice, filling up around your throbbing cock, how horny is this, yes we are erotic together, you start to take my nylons off one by one, with your teeth, this is more fun than I can imagine, you lift me up with you strong arms, and place me on the table with my feet pointing out to you, you start licking and licking harder and harder, in and out between the toes, then to the ankle, up and down in and out harder and harder, then you unzip your cock, out it flops, you open my toes wide, and rub your cock in and out up and down slower then faster, how horny and wet we have both got, I am running in pussy juicy, and you are pleasing my toes with your cock, what pleasure, you are giving, sliding from side to side, I take out the oil and shoot, it all over my feet, you the go up and down my feet, rubbing your cock in and out sliding up and down, you are ready ready to take this further. you then lick me with your lips, so warm and hot, I feel you pussy touching the sky, they sky of shooting hot burning stars, your cock is hard and ready to enter me, I’m unable to stoke as the juicy keeps spitting at me, oh my good so so fucking horny need this inside me, oh how I’m fingering myself from head to toe, lick and kissing you around the neck and ears, I’m so so fucking horny I need you to take me take me hard with all your might then you stop lift my legs and spread them wide apart I can feel you touching my pussy with you tongue, how horny how wet we get back to my feet, which is why you have come to me, you have a fetish for feet, forget the pussy, tits etc etc etc, just waiting for you to wank your large throbbing pulsating cock against my toes, one by one, how I need this spunk, you start real slow, then work up harder and harder, in and out of my toes, along my foot, slapping me with your cock, oh fuck this has become more horny then I can ever imagine, I’m so turned on that I wriggle to your request to tickle my toes with your large throbbing cock, we move up and down in and out to many positions to list, my pussy running with juice, me fingering myself as you wank your cock against my toes, again again again I scream harder harder harder oh fuck give my your spunk on my toes, please please give me your cummmm on my painted pointed toes, oh please please wank spunk harder harder, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss you have cummmmmm
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Great text, you made me hard, I will read it again with one hand on the keyboard and one hand doing... you know what! ;-) You inspired me to write foot-fetish oriented texts! What you wrote is definitely the hottest erotic foot fetish text I ever read! Thanks!
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Probably, yes I'm also intrigued by this subject.


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You made me hard.

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