Hello there all of you! I am new to this comunity and I am thrilled to find people who find this fetish wonderful as I do. I love to loose myself in the feet of my GF, to be at her mercy and to make her face fill with lust and pleasure by looking at me kneeling on the ground licking her toes and gagging on her feet.
In this post I will be sharing some of the hottest experiences I ve had with her I all of you pals will know how much I love her for letting me indulge my fetish in this way.
I must say that we have come a long way and for all this time I have kept my fetish as a secret with her, but now I am not ashamed of my fetish and I am proud to be a "foot man", so I like to fantasize about my GF showing to her friends how easily I can get domimated by her feet, how much I get off when I lick her feet; clean, sweaty, tired, smelly or whichever the hell she likes and demands. One of her best friends already knows I have this fetish which she hadnt after more than a year of relationship, but my GF just told her basic stuff and hasnt had a chance to proudly brag to her about the things she can make me do.
And so just yesterday we were discussing how much I would love that she reveals this to her so that she gets so jealous and curious about it so that she wishes she had a man that she can make kiss her feet just with a snap of her fingers, and getting him to passionately jack off while he is at it. I really want her to know and feel this way because I find it extremely hot that other women wish they had what I can give, but can do no more that get jealous because I belong to her friend feet. OOOH I JUST LOVE IT.
Anyway... haha I will be sharing my sex-stories with you so I hope you like them as much as I do.
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Sr. Sonata

Hello people!

I decided I am gonna write my first episode tonight to show you I really appreciate this site and to share how I've been able and lucky to explore my fetish.

So omg where do I start? I've had so much now. I think I'am going to begin with one of my first experiencies, when my gf was clueless in the matter. Now she's become quite misstressy and dominant and I so fucking love it. So lets start... my GF is gonna be known as Brianna from this point forward. 


Chapter 1: Revealing my fetish for the first time ever

Brianna and I got together in her house one friday night like we usually do. We've been together for about 7 months now and I have not told her about my dirty little secret yet, but today might finally be the day.

Its really hard for me and to be honest I am not sure whether to tell her or not. I am really afraid to get a negative response and fuck up how much she is attracted to me, and overall, the great relationship we have. But man, this is really a part of me. I was born this way and she should know that whenever she takes her shoes off, I am right there ready to take a sneaky but long glimpse, because I feel compelled to look down and witness such a spectacular show, the show that gets my blood rushing and my face happy; the very moment I get the opportunity to carefully see how her beautiful naked feet leave her sneakers, her socks, her flats, her heels in such a sexy and rather oblivious manner. Its a bliss! So yeah! fuck it all! She should know that adore this part of her body, that I would love to place my lips and tounge on her very soles and toes and that I can reach an orgasm thinking about her feet. There's no point in hiding it anymore. I can't keep this love a secret.


I've been throwing her hints here and there throughout the relationship, mostly by text. Like one time she was telling me about how she hurt her foot somehow and out of the blue jokingly but willingly I sent kisses to her foot to "make it better" Or this game we've made that whenever I misspelled the word "pues" ("well / then" in english: well then go to bed!; well yeah!) for "pies" (spanish for feet) she would sent me the feet emoji on whatsapp. (I am from Mexico in case you didnt know). As you can imagine, I "wrongly" wrote this word several times before letting her know what was it all about. So anyway, I figured if she isn't ready to hear about my fetish, then god help me because I can't hold it in any longer.


Before meeting her, I told her over the phone I wanted to share a dirty secret with her, but wasnt sure if I should. She kinda encouraged me and convinced me to do it (and boy I bet she is thankful now for that very day). So here we are finally enjoying each other watching a movie and cuddling on the couch and when the movie ends she looks at me with very obvious intentions and shoots:

-So what was this dirty secret you wanted to tell me?

I and felt a lot of things in that moment. I began looking for a way to tell her in an introductory manner and I was like fuck! maybe I shouldn't have opened my mouth! like how can you politely and softly tell someone else that you get turned on by her feet? that you would love to kiss them and lick them? She is gonna say I 'am a freak I thought. But it is the moment of truth now, there is no turning back and I had already decided to tell her tonight. So I man up (not so much because I was shaking like a frightned puppy) and I begin to speak:


-Okay so this is really hard for me to tell because it's not something that is very common and I dont know how you are gonna react to it. You might not even like it at all but I dont know, I trust you are a reasonable and open minded girl and this is the main reason I wanted to tell you this... Sooo.... there's this body part of yours that I like very much, and it is not a sexual part. However, it's actually very common for men to like this part of a women's body. I like to look at it, I like it in a sexual way, it turns me on... (she had by now this look on her face like "tell me already mothafucka!") ... and that body part is your feet. 


The moment I let that out of my mouth I get the most intense feeling of suspense and I thightly squeeze my hands together waiting so bad for a positive answer. Brianna instantly takes this feeling away from me by being all sweet and comprehensive:

-Dont worry! I understand! it might not be the most common thing like you said but I dont belive its bad or weird at all! Thank you for telling me and trusting me on this you are so sweet! She then hugs me and kisses me, then she says:

-But I am curious now, what exactly do you like of my feet or what turns you on about them?

-Well, I like them because of how they look. They look so sexy and attractive and whenever I look at them I feel an urge to touch them, to see them from up close, even to kiss them. O.o And basically that's the general feeling I get :) 

-Okay okay... I... I didn't imagine. I wouldn't know. Ahm... that's very interesting, I would like for you to show me some other time, when you feel ready to do it or when you feel comfortable. Dont worry.

-Yeah thanks! I'am really glad I told you this. I really hope you dont think its weird or disgusting.


She reassured me it was not anything like that and repeated that she was really happy I shared this with her.


Back in reality it was getting late and I had to return home. I told her I had to go and thanked her for listening to me. I was a little disappointed I didn't get any "foot action" haha so I figured the most I could do was ask her to let me put her slippers back on before I left the house. She happily agreed and while doing it, I took it even farther by kissing her insteps before I put her slippers on. I did that out of lust and because I wanted to see how she reacted to this, to see if her supportiveness was actually true. She drew a smile in her face ear to ear the moment I kissed her feet so I knew then that I had found a girl that was willing to let me indulge my fetish and was willing to indulge it herself as well. It was a very successful night and I tell you fellows, we've come a long way since that night and its been AWESOME! I can't wait to tell you all the other episodes of my story. It gets very exciting!


Thank you for letting me share this with you. Write to me in the comments to let me know what you think! I'am profoundly interested!


I kept the dialogues as real as I recall them. I didn't speak the exact same words but you can trust it is the exact same idea. Thanks again!




Mr. Sonata.


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Sr. Sonata
I am indeed. More to come very soon! stay tuned!
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Nice story looking forward for more. Thanks for sharing.


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