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Hello there all of you! I am new to this comunity and I am thrilled to find people who find this fetish wonderful as I do. I love to loose myself in the feet of my GF, to be at her mercy and to make her face fill with lust and pleasure by looking at me kneeling on the ground licking her toes and gagging on her feet.
In this post I will be sharing some of the hottest experiences I ve had with her I all of you pals will know how much I love her for letting me indulge my fetish in this way.
I must say that we have come a long way and for all this time I have kept my fetish as a secret with her, but now I am not ashamed of my fetish and I am proud to be a "foot man", so I like to fantasize about my GF showing to her friends how easily I can get domimated by her feet, how much I get off when I lick her feet; clean, sweaty, tired, smelly or whichever the hell she likes and demands. One of her best friends already knows I have this fetish which she hadnt after more than a year of relationship, but my GF just told her basic stuff and hasnt had a chance to proudly brag to her about the things she can make me do.
And so just yesterday we were discussing how much I would love that she reveals this to her so that she gets so jealous and curious about it so that she wishes she had a man that she can make kiss her feet just with a snap of her fingers, and getting him to passionately jack off while he is at it. I really want her to know and feel this way because I find it extremely hot that other women wish they had what I can give, but can do no more that get jealous because I belong to her friend feet. OOOH I JUST LOVE IT.
Anyway... haha I will be sharing my sex-stories with you so I hope you like them as much as I do.
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