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Human ashtray

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    April 2, 2018 6:18 PM PDT
    Ever since I was a small child I've had a strange fascination with ladies who smoke .
    When I was at school I used to dream of lady teachers forcing me to smoke and laughing at me while they used a special mask type thing with lit cigarettes in it to make me cough and choke .

    As I grew older that processed to them flicking ash on my body and rubbing it in .

    I then left school and started as a apprentice Mechanic and then found a fem dom Magazine and it had pictures of ladies actually flicking ash into mens mouths and wow wow double wow my mind went into overtime .

    When I finally met real life people to do this with me I was thinking it would be humiliating but it wasn't and as I leant about the kink lifestyle I realised it was the objectification of it I love .

    The it's not about the taste of the ash , I don't like the taste and it's not about the lady or ladies "smoking sexily" either .
    It's just a simple them smoking when they feel like it and using me as an ashtray .

    I love it when a couple of friends use me and they just say to me "can we borrow you for a few minutes?" And then we go out to the garden (the event we attend is in someone's house) and I sit on the floor and they both smoke and chat away amongst themselves and flick ash into my mouth ,no his set up or anything they jus do it and then when they finished they stub out on my chest brilliant and I love it .

    I just wish there were more ladies to do it to me instead of the odd occasion that it happens .

    I find it a bit funny that I know loads of lady smokers in the lifestyle and they have no problems with spitting or peeing in a subs mouth and yet flicking ash they won't do lol .

    How many other people like being used as an ashtray ?

    Do any of the ladies on here like using men as ashtrays ?

    Just to add I don't eat the butts .