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Born on January 1, 1970.
by on August 28, 2018
Femdom games are when the women are the dominant partner in the relationship. Here are some femdom games you can do paddling, handjobs, wife, slave humiliation, hotwife, porn comics and pee. Paddling When you are paddling your partner make sure that the strikes aren’t hard and evenly placed. When your paddling makes sure that your partner isn't in too much pain; if your partner likes pain then make sure you don’t cause them to bleed. Always make sure to give your partner aftercare after pa...
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by on August 28, 2018
Sucking Toes — One of The Creative Ways of Giving Pleasure to Your Partner “You just like me for my breast! You never even paying attention to another body part of mine!" Have you ever heard your girlfriend complains this way? Not really? Well, that could possibly be happening, but at some point in their life, a woman usually do feels like their partner only care about certain parts of their body. Be it breast, lips, neck, or vagina. For those of you who want to spoil your women, sucking toes...
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