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Foot Worship

Female. Lives in Berlin,  Germany. Born on May 9, 1993.
by on January 19, 2019
The sense of power over others is what everyone.....well not everyone but almost everyone desires. This desire of domination has been prevalent not only in the human psychology but also seen in animals. That sense of being in charge is the most arousing one especially in bed. Males have developed a natural trait towards the dom scene but it makes more sense to look into the Female dom scenarios. For those new to this total dom thing.....let me simplify! A male dominating a female who acts submi...
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by on January 17, 2019
Human beings are usually attracted sexually to things, people and so many other objects in their environment, this is called fetish. It may have never caught your attention, but indeed people have a bizarre tendency of sexually getting attracted to even objects that are indescribable. Well, here are some of the fetishes that will surely blow your mind. Mechanophilia You may have heard people describing automobiles as sexy or beautiful. Yes, right, men and women sometimes just go beyond the...
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by on January 17, 2019
Did you know that after videos and pictures of booties and breasts, men consider those which show off a woman's feet to be a real turn on? Although most people don't know it, podophilia (also known as foot fetishism) is a common sexual fixation in which feet are a source of sexual excitement. In fact, if you are a woman who normally wears peep-toe heels, sandals, or any type of shoe which bares your toes, chances are you have been eyed up more than once! Considering the fact that there ar...
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by on January 17, 2019
Female domination is in most people's minds a prerequisite for chastity in men, the argument being a man cannot surrender control of his orgasm without also surrendering his individual will and sovereignty as a person.   The world of foot slavery is an alternative mix between foot fetishes and submissive sexual play. Usually, the dominator will be female, a role reversal, or otherwise it would not have the same effect if it were a male figure.   The relationship of the dominator a...
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by on January 17, 2019
Female denomination is as clear as crystal term for the mastery of an association of the lady. Female denomination or femdom is the point at which the female in the association is sexually in control or in charge. This is often found with feet venerate. The female or otherwise referred to as dominatrix can be accountable either for a male or for a female. Femdom is famous in the lesbian groups. Normally a butch rules a skinnier or hot wife. Pussy play, tying up, torment, whips, braces, an...
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by on November 18, 2018
Naked except for the collar, the woman had been kneeling on the ground from where I stumbled leg crossed over the different clothes in my latex apparel on the cozy chair. Knowing she would not dare appear, I listened to myself in the woman's attitude. So many indicators that prospective voyeurs would not detect -- but that constantly betray her brazenness into me. Kneeling attractively -- but close to my bare feet, I can feel her hot and thirsty breath within my feet. Head bowed --definite...
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by on November 13, 2018
Rope bondage is also known as roleplay. This is a technique that BDSM uses to restrict movement, wrap, suspend, secure the subject or restrain a person by use of a rope. Bondage ropes come in different varieties of materials and length. Japanese bondage users normally used natural fibers like hemp and jut.  The ropes are cut into 25-foot lengths. Westerners who are into bonding normally use long ropes that are a span from a wide range of materials. The ropes are very soft to avoid hurting and ch...
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by on September 18, 2018
When thinking about models that we often have women wearing expensive clothing, fabulous photos in magazines in front of our eyes. We often feel that we strong enough to resist those ads, but we are not. Those ads often place messages in our brain that are always come in front, when we're shopping. But modeling is not only about advertisement! As a foot fetish model, you can do yourself something great. Becoming an erotic model can be an exciting experience for you because men love women feet...
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by on August 31, 2018
"Oh, shit!" still in bed and I was sure I'm too late for school. Usually, I stand up much earlier, but today it was different. The day before I was out with my friends I might have had one drink too much on Jon's birthday party. He just turned 18. I was three months older then he and we have been friends for a very long time. Jon knows very much about me; he helped me to get my first girlfriend, enabled me to make my moped faster and even helped me when my first love left me. He also knows m...
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by on August 31, 2018
ToeRotica - Real Stories From The Life Of A Toe Monster   The Book Store 1 So I am out late at night, about half drunk, and horny as a bunny in puberty when I find myself at a local adult bookstore. This was a number of years ago but still quite a fond memory. As I go in I immediately notice the clerk is a really cute little Latina around 21 years old. I start browsing in the video rows and find a place where I can see her behind the counter.  I watch her for a few minutes and see ...
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by on August 31, 2018
The thoughts of role-playing and threesomes tend to flare up at the mere mention of “fetish.” In fact, this word causes some people to freak out. The simple reality is that fetish is a fantasy type, and it is more common among human beings than you can probably imagine. In medical terms, fetishism is a disorder in which a human being tends to have sexual desires in relation to a nonliving object or stimulus. Hence, a nylon fetish refers to a form of fetish in which an individual develops a sexua...
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by on August 31, 2018
Heroes: running through fire, rebounding bullets from the chest in a massive bullet hail,  or loyal soldiers jumping on exploding hand grenades to save their teammate's lives. You possibly have seen everything in action movies produced by big movie companies like Warner or Lionsgate. But for us real people with a foot fetish it is funny how much action we can have every day and still not die! The feeling having a foot fetish is exciting, and often we hope that women see that we like thei...
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