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on August 26, 2018 354 views
Once again, Becky takes a Moment to answer a few questions regarding FOOT FETISHISM, her Experience in the Industry and how it relates to her Project....A MUST SEE! ......PS.. This clip will also be followed by a sexy Little Teaser I prepared to thank all of my subscribers for tuning in to The BadAss Becky Show! This Clip has absolutely Nothing explicit, No Nudity, Profanity anything degrading or Morally questionable.. This Clip is a Coming attraction to a Web-site which will be Featured on a Riveting, New Web-series, Indie Film and Documentary Entitled "THE FEETURE" PS:THIS CLIP MUST BE VIEWED IN "HD". Please make the adjustment before pressing play. This clip is the 2nd Installment in my “ASK BECKY” series, which is intended to answer a few of the interesting question I have received pertaining to my Origins in the Fetish Industry, how it transformed into a Creative Project ( Film / Web Series ) and how I feel about the wonderful Gentlemen who have helped to make my Youtube Campaign so successful. In addition, If you have any question you would like considered for a future segment of “ASK BECKY”,, please send your ideas/questions to ASKBECKY4ADVICE@GMAIL.COM As always, I thank all of my subscribers for their continued support and hope you keep tuning in to my channel:wink Sincerely Rebecca ( Becky ) The Baddest Lil REDHEAD in NYC
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